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Family Counseling Training

Family Counseling Training

Family Counseling Training

It should be noted that family ties continue to break due to various reasons today. Whatever the reason is, couples need to get counseling from a specialist so that family ties are broken and divorce does not occur. With family counseling training, it will be possible for the couples to solve their problems with each other in a shorter period of time.

Who Is The Family Counselor Called?

The professional counselor is a family counselor, who provides psychological support to families by producing professional solutions to the problems that parents experience with each other or with their children. The condition of graduating from the following departments of universities that provide undergraduate education to become family counselors is a prerequisite for joining family counseling education:

• Psychologists
• They Psychiatrist
• PDR experts (psychological counseling and guidance)
• Sociologists
• Social workers
• Nurses
• Child developers constitute the main leading professional branches.

Family Counselor Training Time

Family counseling training period generally consists of 3 main sections as theoretical training, practical training and therapy training. It takes between 300 and 460 hours in total and trainees have the right to complete their theoretical training and exams via computer by using distance education. However, there is an obligation to give practical and therapy training by a specialist trainer. Considering all these approaches that stand out, we will have to say with certainty that it really continues to maintain its place as the leading education process.

Employment Areas of Family Counselors

Family counseling centers affiliated to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies are at the top of the employment fields of the people who complete the family counseling course. In addition, psychological and guidance counseling centers, family medicine, family counseling centers are again the employment areas of family counseling. In addition, trainees can work as they wish by opening their own consultancy center after they are entitled to receive a certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education. We must definitely consider that the people who will act as family counselors in all circumstances manifest themselves as qualities that enable them to really stand out in all respects.

Content of Family Counseling Education

Family counseling training consists of completely independent units. Examining and observing the social structure experienced in the lessons given in these units and measuring the social psychology with psychology lessons in family counseling education constitute the conditions that stand out.
In addition, all topics such as what is the concept of family, the scope of the definition of parents, what is the relationship between the society and the family, the process of marriage – divorce, what are the principles that constitute the union of marriage are included. These modules, which are described in units in terms of these features, continue to hold the point to be emphasized together in terms of keeping together the quality that is made possible by the fact that we consider the subgroups as follows.

• What is Family?
• Family Structure
• Adolescence
• Adaptation Problems in Adolescence
• Parenting
• Principles Required to be Parents
• Sociological Approaches to Family Counseling
• Psychological Approaches to Family Counseling
• Basic Psychology
• Psychology and Behavior Relationship
• Child Development
• Professional Ethics
• Old Age Period
• Adaptation Problems in Aging
There is a wide range of educational process such as. You can help the couples in the face of problems in this area in every aspect, and make it possible to contribute to the resolution of their problems immediately. As a result of all these features in the middle, it is possible to effectively eliminate the problems in this direction in a short time with the family counseling certificate.

Duties of Family Counselors

Trainees who are eligible to become family counselors must of course know the duties and powers they have after obtaining a MEB approved certificate. These duties and powers are:

  1. Providing necessary psychological support for all kinds of psycho-social problems that disrupt family structure,
  2. To determine the social environment causing the family bonds to be broken by doing field research on the social environment in which the family lives,
  3. Advising couples to marry
  4. Providing counseling services to expectant mothers and fathers
  5. To organize couple therapies after divorce
  6. To provide consultancy and guidance services regularly as a report
    constitutes its main duties. If it is evaluated in terms of these features, we will definitely need to emphasize how important the family counseling course is for the protection and development of the family, the smallest building block of the society.

About Distance Theoretical Training Process

During the theoretical training process, which is the first part of the family counseling course, video lectures are given to the trainees via the distance education system. In addition, opinions are exchanged on family counseling with the supervision. After the completion of this process, family therapy trainings are applied as a requirement of the family counseling training process. If all these features are evaluated in terms of these features, we should consider that family counseling education process is an extremely important area in every respect.

Benefits of Family Counseling Education

It is not enough to approach the family counseling course only as a profession. Family physicians, psychological counselors and guides, child development specialists, psychologists who want to make progress in the professional field will have the chance to get more detailed information about the psychological approach and behavior patterns by participating in this course. When it is included in terms of all these features, we should definitely consider that the family counseling course is also important in terms of sociological analysis.

When it is conveyed in the context of all these criteria, we will definitely need to consider that perfect service is aimed based on the best conditions without sacrificing quality in every respect. In terms of all these qualities that stand out, we need to take into account that the people providing family counseling services continue to be fully privileged in every aspect. This is the subject to be focused on for family counseling. After you have successfully completed your family counseling education, you are entitled to receive a certificate approved by the Ministry of Education. Thus, by having the conditions required by the profession in question, you will find employment in related institutions and organizations.