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Game Therapy Training

Game Therapy Training

Game Therapy Training

Game therapy training is usually given by psychologists specialized in Child Development Specialization. This education is given mostly in universities that provide psychology education. Trainings can be held in the classroom as well as through distance education.

Who Can Participate in Play Therapy Training?

  • Many people working in this field wonder who can participate in game therapy training. To get this education, graduates from child development, those who take part in child psychology and education services can participate. In addition, the following people can also provide game therapy training:
  • People working with children can participate in these trainings in order to improve their relations with children and families or to specialize in the field of service.
  • People who want to study scientifically and want to improve their relationship with children or families.
  • Those who want to develop and specialize in this field for those whose undergraduate diploma is required to work with children.
  • People who are interested in improving their relationships with child development, psychology and families for childcare providers.
  • Those who want to specialize in game therapy can join their family.

What Does Game Therapy Certificate Training Include?

Many people research what the game therapy certificate education covers. With the game, it contributes to the emotional, brain and social development of children. The child knows the world through play and gains experience with his life, he learns to distinguish between dream and reality. In summary, it experiences struggle in life. Therefore, games are a tool in which the child can express his feelings and thoughts. The games provide children with support in their development while keeping them happy. It is very important to encourage children even just to have fun.
It is not possible for the child to express himself like his elders. With play therapy, the child learns to express himself through games and toys, to fight life, to solve problems and to change negative behaviors rather than using words. The child provides learning through play to prevent the progression of emotional, behavioral and psychological problems affecting the usual development. Thus, game therapy is important in this way to solve some problems. There are types of game therapy. These are therapies that the child is guided, behavioral and parents participate. One session takes approximately 40-50 minutes. But therapy with mother and father takes about half an hour and has to be between 10 and 20 sessions.
Game Therapists empathize with children. It is important to understand and accept the child, to gain a sense of control and to help them gain awareness and make them feel. Therapists ensure that problematic behaviors turn into more positive behaviors and thoughts. With these methods, children are taught what behaviors they should have and which behaviors they should abandon.

How Long Does Game Therapy Work?

Many parents are often wondering how long play therapy works. This process continues differently for each child. If there is trauma, there may be differences in the importance of this and how events are perceived. The newer the problematic behaviors, the more possible it is to overcome them.
In addition to gaining knowledge and skills in theory in game therapy certificate education, skills related to using game therapy are gained as a therapeutic method.

What Is The Content Of Play Therapy Training?

What is the content of game therapy training now let’s examine it.
What does the game include, what is game therapist, what is the message to be given with game therapy, how to communicate in game therapy, information about game therapy cases, what is the benefit of game therapy, what are the goals of game therapy, game therapy toys, game history, relationship between emotional development and game What are the stages of development of children, what are the types of games, what are the types of games according to the character structure, what are the categories of the game types, what are the theories related to the game are within the content of the education. It also includes topics such as toy categories, toy feature, how to choose a toy, child focused play therapist.

What are the Behaviors of Game Therapy?

Those who intend to take this training want to learn what are the behaviors brought by game therapy. Let’s explain this.
Every child loves the game. It is not possible for them to understand their emotions and skills in proportion to their elders. Therefore, the child is offered the opportunity to express his experience and emotion through play. This has a positive and healing effect. The child has the opportunity to revive his feelings such as anger, sadness, fear or disappointment that affect his behavior in a safe environment provided by the therapist. Game therapy helps to improve mental thinking to express the child’s emotion and thought.
With children’s play therapy, to gain self-confidence, to cooperate, to respect and be responsible for other children, to protect himself, to learn to raise attention to a point, to produce solutions to a problem, to use anger correctly, to express himself correctly, to develop social relations, to face fear. he learns how to behave and correct any speech-related disorders.

Game therapy is for children from 3 to 11 years old. It can be for divorced families, for the adopted child or for the single child, or for the child who has experienced violence in the family. It may also be for a child who has anxiety, fears or phobias to the child who has been bullied or bullied at school. The child who has sleep disorders and nightmares is also suitable for the child who is envious of his siblings, the child who is lost in his family, and the child who has experienced emotional, physical or sexual harassment. It is also suitable for the child with speech impairment, the child with hyperactive or distraction, the child who does not study and has problems in reading.
With play therapy training, the person will have very different perspectives on events and children. With this training, the person communicates with the child in a simpler method and understands emotion and thought more simply.
With game therapy education, it is possible to play as a game therapist in the nursery, private school, special education and rehabilitation center, counseling center. In addition, the person has the opportunity to open a play house or consultancy office.