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Image Analysis Training

Image Analysis Training

Image Analysis Training

Children of all ages draw something. Moreover, they do not need to be literate for this. Because, as behavioral sciences, the science of psychology has clearly revealed that every written and drawn thing actually has a meaning. That’s why painting analysis education is given to understand child psychology today. The message that the child who draws on paper and even makes a simple doodle with the education given, actually wants to emerge in every aspect.

The Importance of Image Analysis Education

Painting analysis education is an extremely important issue in order to determine in every way that our children, who will build the future from today, grew up with psychology. If this situation is taken into account, we will definitely need to consider that the picture analysis education continues to come up with the prominent aspects of education in every respect. It is necessary to take into account that when it is conveyed within the framework of all these features, child image analysis education takes place as an intervention to the subconscious. As another feature, as the scope of the picture analysis education, it will reveal the point that will definitely be included as one of the issues realized for the close recognition of child psychology from all aspects. When it is conveyed in the context of all these qualities, it will be possible to express that it continues to maintain its place in front of us as a continuing feature. This once again constitutes its importance as the point that continues to reveal its existence as a remarkable approach in all aspects.

Conditions for Participation in Painting Analysis Education

Prerequisites are not sought for participation in painting analysis education. In other words, it is a picture analysis training where everyone can easily participate. However, for this education, it is important for psychologists, sociologists, child developers and guidance specialists to closely follow the innovations in their field and to examine all developments in their professional career. On the other hand, it also manifests itself as an area where it is possible for painting teachers and visual arts teachers to participate in all aspects. If it is evaluated in terms of all these criteria, it holds together the point that the picture analysis education continues to be considered as a remarkable quality. In addition, it is possible for parents to participate in every aspect to better understand child psychology and to follow innovations in every aspect as to what kind of communication they should communicate with their children as parents.

Duration of Image Analysis Training

In this training process, which consists of 2-day theoretical training, comprehensive psychology lessons are given to the participants in order to understand the child psychology closely. On the other hand, the implications of what children scratch and the symbolic messages are emphasized. Considering all these approaches that stand out, it will be possible to state that painting analysis education is really the leading feature in every respect. By adhering to all these features, we must reveal that it really once again fulfills its importance as a quality beyond expectations.
Based on all these features, it continues to form the feature that really acts in the middle, by adhering to an extremely perfect service approach.

Curriculum of Painting Analysis Education

  • Children’s picture and developmental stages
  • 2 – 4 age group doodle period
  • 7 to 9 years old schematic period
  • 9 – 12 age realism period
  • Realism – Surrealism
  • General features of children’s picture
  • Ratio – proportion and symmetry
  • Content in children’s picture
  • Style in child painting
  • Symbol in children’s picture
  • Colors and psychology
  • Approaches to psychological behavior
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Selective perception
  • Learning process
  • Psychomotor skills

Content such as courses are among the lessons given to participants in the process of painting analysis. For all this information conveyed, it is aimed that the participants in every aspect of the child psychology will be fully aware of what exactly the message they want to tell. If it is included in terms of these features, we should definitely take into consideration that it continues to constitute one of the prominent issues.

Employment Opportunities of the Picture Analysis Trainer

Picture analysis training covers a total of 2 days of theoretical training. Following the completion of this training process, it is possible to participate in the working life by giving the certificate of painting analysis trainer. For this process, employment opportunities in private educational institutions, visual art workshops and culture and arts centers are the main featured qualities.
In addition to this feature, another criterion to be considered as a picture analysis education, as another criterion, employment opportunities are included in all aspects of the nursery and child development centers for kids club activities.

Achievements of Painting Analysis Training to Participants

Successful completion of the course appears to be an important training process not only in terms of employment, but also to perceive child psychology. Considering this feature, when the individual is evaluated under the light of the mentioned qualities, it is really an extremely remarkable point to consider the psychological conditions of the children under the light of what they really are. If it is evaluated as a result of all these features that stand in the middle, it reveals its existence as a very distinctive situation as an important approach style, where it has once again established its importance as a leading quality. In terms of these features, painting analysis education is extremely important in any case and it is one of the remarkable trainings in the context of maintaining its place as one of the most preferred training courses today and preserving its place among the courses in which parents absolutely participate is extremely important. continues to reveal.