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Turkish Sign Language Education

Turkish Sign Language Education

Turkish Sign Language Education

According to a report published by the United Nations is having a total of 3 million hearing impaired individuals in Turkey. Of course, people with hearing disabilities have the right to social communication. In this direction, it is aimed to be used in sign language education and to be found according to the right moment of life without disabilities. The aim of the Turkish sign language education without dry marking is to establish a correct communication with the hearing-impaired individual with Turkish hearing alphabets and gesture – mimics. When this situation is taken into consideration, it is among the personal development courses of the Turkish sign language course.

MEB Approved Turkish Sign Language Education

In this training, which has a total course duration of 120 hours, there are 2 different course groups on weekdays and weekends. Lessons are held online. For this reason, it will be sufficient for the trainee to have any electronic device such as a computer, smart phone or tablet with an internet connection. In this way, it is an important point that Turkish sign language education is carried out instantly in a short time with the opportunity of distance education, and contributes directly to the individual’s personal development in every respect. If all these criteria are taken as a basis, the trainees who successfully complete the Turkish sign language education are awarded with a certificate with the approval of the Ministry of National Education.

Turkish Sign Language Education Curriculum

Special education and training institutions supervised by the Ministry of National Education are in charge of providing Turkish sign language education. In the curriculum, the basic sign language alphabet consists of theoretical education such as gestures and facial expressions, hearing and speaking techniques, coding techniques, history of hearing and speaking language teaching. After the successful completion of these theoretical trainings, the trainee was awarded a certificate and the course was successful in Turkish sign language training.

Where are Turkish Sign Language Instructors Employed?

Trainer jobs in Turkey continues to be one of the largest occupations. If this aspect is included, we should definitely consider that Turkish sign language instruction is the instruction given to individuals with hearing and speech disabilities. When it is transferred in terms of this feature, we will definitely need to demonstrate that the service is included in the best possibilities in all aspects regarding the Turkish sign language teaching process.
It is possible to be easily employed in public and private sector schools where hearing impaired students participate in education life. Also, actively continuing working life as an instructor is another field of employment.
It is another extremely possible issue that Turkish sign language instructors are pioneered in establishing effective communication with hearing and speech impaired children by assigning them under the roof of the foundation and association. This means that the person who is entitled to receive certificates in almost all educational institutions has the opportunity to work comfortably. On the other hand, it is another criterion that it is possible to perform self-study in free time. When evaluated in the context of all these qualities, we should definitely take into account that Turkish sign language teaching is considered as one of the leading courses based on the best conditions without sacrificing quality

Who Can Participate in Turkish Sign Language Education?

Prerequisites are not sought to participate in Turkish sign language education. However, the participation of candidates such as Turkish language and literature / Turkish teacher graduates, translator interpreters, social work graduates, psychology and sociology graduates will help them find jobs more easily than other candidates for employment opportunities. When it is evaluated in terms of all these features, it will be necessary to take into account the fact that both personal development and hearing and speech impaired citizens have the right to communicate like normal citizens by participating in education.
When all these features that are in the middle are included, it should definitely be taken into consideration once again that it has realized its importance for Turkish sign language education. This reveals the approach style that must be emphasized in absolute terms.

Turkish Sign Language Online Training Process

Theoretical education covering 120 hours is given by online / distance education process. It is aimed to train Turkish sign language trainers and employ them in various fields by giving them by the expert trainer who is competent in this field of education. In the online education process, the student who will participate in the course must first register online.
Students who complete the registration process from the internet will be sent a password to access the system. In this way, it is possible to provide instant access to live lessons with video by providing access to the system with e-mail address and existing password. In the context of all these features, immediately after the completion of the Turkish sign language education process, it will be possible to actively participate in the business life in all aspects. If all these processes are taken into account, it is manifested as a quality that enables personal training to be carried out completely professionally in all aspects. If it is evaluated in the context of all these qualities, it will be possible to qualify for the title of Turkish sign language trainer based on the understanding of perfect service in the most professionally best opportunities in every respect.
Turkish sign language education is the side that will be included as much as possible in terms of providing social relations with hearing and speech impaired individuals and living a barrier free life. On the other hand, when it is transferred as another quality, it is important as a feature to be included in every respect. This is manifested as a very important point for life without barriers in every respect with the signing of the sign language instructor certificate as much as possible. In terms of this feature, Turkish sign language education is one of the professions of our country that is gradually expanding in employment.